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Projects References

Realtec Control Sdn Bhd has completed many automation projects since 2009. We have been providing total solution for the automotive industries, water industries, gloves production industries, food industries, semiconductor industries and marine industries.
Automotive Industries


1) Engine conveyor at assembly plant.

2) Engine conveyor at engine plant.

3) Pokayoke and ANDON at engine plant.

4) Brake tube press machine at assembly.

5) Lifter at paint shop.

6) Touch screen upgrade at assembly plant.

7) Panel fabrication + PLC control at waste

    water plant.

8) Hydraulic system for bending machine.



Water Industries


1) Panel fabrication for pump control.

2) Panel fabrication and control for water      

    processing plant.


Gloves Industries


1) PLC control for chlorinator equipment.

2) Panel fabrication for main production.

3) Fibre level control system for boiler.

4) Gloves counting system.





Food Industries

1) Production counting system with touch  

    screen and PLC and data logging at USB.

2) Production counting system with PLC and

    PC-based visual interface and data logging

    at PC.

3) Humidity and temperature control system.

4) Weighing conveyor system for QC checking.

5) Tank-weighing system for batching + mixing


6) Level and pump control system for waste.

7) PLC control system for can production



Marine Industries

1) Control panel for flow and temperature

    monitoring system.


1) Control panel for flow monitoring system.

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